100 Years of the Indian Scout

Indian Motorcycle UK celebrated 100 years of the Indian Scout with a fantastic display at Motorcycle Live.

UK celebrated 100 years of the Indian Scout

Hello and welcome. I'm celebrating my first ever blog post with some Indian Motorcycle News. Indian celebrated 100 years of the Indian Scout with an extensive display of motorcycles ranging from the original 1920's Scouts through to the modern day bikes.

“The display includes a tribute to motorcycle pioneer and all round speed demon, Mr Burt Munro.”

Indian Scout - Return of a Legend

Indian's motto of #BeLegendary has never been more relevant than right now. There is no denying the pedigree of the Indian Scout with a long and storied history. Production of the first V-Twin engined Scout's began in 1919 and were introduced in October of the same year. Since it has continually played an important part in our history particularly with its use in the second world war. (#indianscout #indianmotorcycleuk #indian_scout_owners)

ts use in the second world war.

The bike shown above is an original 1921 Wall of Death bike. What an amazing example.

Perhaps one of the stories the Indian Scout is best known are the numerous Land Speed records set by Burt Munro on his heavily modified 1920 Indian Scout between 1962 & 1967. His first in August 1962 in the 880cc class with a speed of 178.971mph whilst I believe his last was in August 1967 in the 1000cc class where he reached a speed of 183.066mph. An incredible achievement when considering the equipment etc he had available to him.

Burt Munro

During Burt's time it was not simply a case of ordering a part in for next day delivery. He manufactured every part himself with bits and pieces of scrap he could find. An incredible pioneer and with his achievements only out matched by his sheer determination to succeed particularly in the face of negativity and doubts. An absolute legend.

An absolute legend.

The modern day Scout has maintained its original soul and remains equally enchanting. The Scout has retained the sleek styling and distinctive look along with the famous V-Twin engine.

Perhaps one of the hallmarks of the modern Scout is that it continues to lend itself to being customised. I am not sure weather or not it what Polaris intended when they started producing the brand but in my opinion its one of the traits I like most. Although the standard bike is good-looking and functional, the ability to easily modify and introduce custom features is something I am really in favour of.

the ability to easily modify and introduce custom features is something I am really in favour of

Simply superb example of a custom job done by Moorspeed Racing in Poole. The customer, Phil Barnes was kind enough to let the show loan the bike for the display. This is more of a Bobber style customisation.

Here the standout feature is the clear fuel tank

Here the standout feature is the clear fuel tank. Certainly not something you see every day. Amazing bit of workmanship.

Here we have a much racier version

Here we have a much racier version. One of the standout features here is the bespoke exhaust system. Simply stunning. It perfectly matches the flow of the bike and gives it a great aggressive look.

Without flooding the blog with images I'd also like to show you the rear tyre. Gives it such a racy look

Without flooding the blog with images I'd also like to show you the rear tyre. Gives it such a racy look.

I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that the name Indian does not simply describe a motorcycle brand. It represents nostalgia, expectation through reputation but most of all it represents a state of mind. The Scout is not simply a motorcycle, It is your bike, it is my bike. You can have it anyway you like. There is no right or wrong way. And therein lies the key factor for me.

For me the Indian Motorcycle represents something unique. Why do i ride it. Simple. From the very moment I swing your leg over the seat and my weight hits the leather something in me changes. A smile comes over my face, I start to disappear into an alternate universe. I start the engine, I give it a couple of extra revs just to annoy the neighbours and kick it into first gear. Suddenly I'm the king of the road and nothing else matters.

Ride safe and above all, don't forget to have fun and #BeLegendary

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