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These days everyone is a photographer. With the market flooded by all sorts of easy to use or point and shoot products, I recently decided, although I know nothing, to walk away from all things easy and do everything the hard way.

These days everyone is a photographer

One of my recent efforts. I like the way the colours combine and contrast each other. As a matter of interest, no photo on this page has been edited. I have kept it as stock for effect.

So I made the incredibly brave (synonym for really dumb) decision to shoot only in full manual mode going forward. Fantastic idea especially when you consider that I know absolutely nothing about how a camera functions let alone how to adjust the ISO and white balance.

So armed with this new found determination I grabbed an ancient Nikon D50 DSLR, smashed it over to manual and started taking some of the best photos ever taken. (Uhuh!) Needless to say my first few photos came out looking like I was in the middle of an intergalactic star burst.

“Photography helps people to see.” Bernice Abbott

So after such an amazing start I did what every sensible person would do. No, not put down the camera and forget my foolishness. Oh no. I went to the one place where all professionals learn! Youtube. I found the first video on how to take better photos and about 30 seconds in realised that I was completely and utterly in over my head. Panic set it.

Photography helps people to see

Moving forward

After a few more hours I finally found a video that explained the differences in a sort of fashion that I could understand. Armed with this new found knowledge I went out and started snapping again. This time when I plugged the SD card into the MAC I at least saw some shapes. So the first thing I learnt here is that photography is much harder than it looks and persistence is the key to success.

I kept trying and eventually some recognisable images started appearing on the screen. (#photography #dreams #persistence)

#photography #dreams #persistence

Now don't get me wrong, by no way shape or form am I saying that i am the next big thing in photography circles, I am merely paying homage to all those brilliantly skilled photographers that make things look so easy.

I am just pleased that you can at least recognise some of the images i'm capturing as well as the odd one that actually looks like its in focus. The one thing I will say is that it's made me look at things differently.

Step one was to get pictures that actually looked like something and then step two was taking them with some perspective. Switching over to manual has definitely made me think about the photo before just simply snapping away. The funny thing is that its even helped my video quality.

I felt very privileged to come across this bevy of swans. A mother with her ugly ducklings in the process of turning into beautiful swans. The funny thing is I feel like were it not for the fact that I was looking at things differently I would never have come across these graceful creatures. (And yes, I know the image is slightly dark but no editing remember)

graceful creatures

So on that note I'll sign off and leave you to ponder how bad my skills really are.

 leave you to ponder how bad my skills really are
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