Surrey Hills with the North Hampshire Bikers

I recently met the guys from the North Hampshire Bikers on a local facebook group. I have been on a couple of rides with them but until now we had only been going out in ones and two's. It so happens that on Sunday, the boys had paid their forfeits, bribed the wives with some extra chores and handbags and it all came together. We suddenly had around 15 riders meet at Costa in Bagshot. (let's not mention the missing MOT!!!)

It was great to get a good few riders together. Funny thing is that we did some filming at the start of the ride to get the intro filmed and I threatened everyone with all sorts of curses if they started swearing during the filming. What do i do? I promptly start swearing during the intro! Some things don't change!

Anyway, the plan was to explore some great new areas in the back of the Surrey Hills as the roads are really great in the area. Sounds great! Or Was it?

Surrey Hills map

The day turned out to be extremely eventful. Firstly we lost half the riders in the first 2 miles, then when we finally regrouped we headed to Box-hill where hopefully, we would reunite with the remaining riders we lost.

Heading to Box-hill was actually a really nice ride, however when we left there I ended up taking us around 5 miles in the wrong direction as I didn't realise that my satnav had reset and started from the waypoint which meant we were actually riding home.

Finally back on track we continued with the route only for some idiot driver to think it was funny and soaked me with his windscreen washer whilst laughing about it! Still mot that bad is it?

However when we started heading into the back of Surrey Hills things suddenly got weird! The roads got NNNAAARRROOOWWW! Still not enough? Ok, then let's add some mud in the centre of the road to make it really tricky. Enough? Oh nooo! Lets add some really uneven roads more suited to an off road bike let alone any kind of adventure bike. As luck would have it we were all either on big tourers or sports bikes!

And if that wasn't enough, one of the guys ended up coming off on his Harley Sportster! Needless to say it was a weird day. We managed to get to Newlands Corner in the end!

you could see that they were just happy to finish the ride

To be fair to there guys they really just got on with it but you could see that they were just happy to finish the ride and were at the point were foot rubs for the missus was by far the more preferable option as opposed to doing any more riding.

Great bunch of guys and I cannot wait for the next ride, although I can see us avoiding anything that even remotely looks like a back road like the plague!

Thank you chaps. Great work.

Thank you chaps. Great work.
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