GRP Adapt Yoga Mat 5MM GRP Adapt Yoga Mat 5MM GRP Adapt Yoga Mat 5MM GRP Adapt Yoga Mat 5MM

GRP Adapt Yoga Mat 5MM


Product type: Yoga Mat

Tags: grp-series, yoga, yoga mats

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Manduka’s grippiest mat, the GRP Adapt. Versatile enough to go from slow flows to sweaty sessions and light enough to travel from place to place. Meet your new go-to. The top PU layer has a smooth satin-like feel and is highly absorbent for the ultimate anti-slip.

What makes the GRP Adapt different? Learn More

Sustainably made in Spain from rubber and an absorbent PU top layer.

99% Latex-Free. Not recommended for those with Latex sensitivities.


  • 2.7kg, 180cm x 66cm, 5mm thick
  • Open-Cell proprietary PU material offers unparalleled dry grip and ultra-quick moisture absorption
  • Unique scrim weave allows moisture to quickly pass through and be absorbed into the interior foam layer
  • 2x greater absorption capacity than the competition
  • Foam Rubber Patent-pending material provides a unique, springy ride
  • Softer cushioning helps protect joints
  • Proprietary rubber composite specifically engineered to provide superior grip to the floor to prevent mat slippage
  • 99% Latex-free. Not recommended for those with Latex sensitivities

For further details, feel free to visit our FAQs or check out the Manduka blog!

Use & Care

To Clean & Disinfect: Submerge mat in a bathtub filled with a shallow layer of warm (not hot) water. Add approximately 1 TBSP of gentle detergent. Be careful not to over-soap! Allow the mat to soak for 5 minutes, then lightly scrub both sides with a soft cloth. Thoroughly rinse the mat with clean warm water to remove all soap residue. This is very important, as the mat is absorbent so it may hold onto the soap. Wipe the mat clean on both sides with a dry towel, then allow it to dry for 24-48 hours or until completely dry. For alternate cleaning suggestions, check out this Manduka blog post.

To Store: For best performance, allow the mat to dry completely after use, then store it rolled. Do not leave the mat in direct sunlight.

Due to the open cell construction and moisture-absorbent nature of the GRP Adapt, it will show signs of wear with heavy use.


The GRP Adapt's bottom layer is made of a rubber composite including sustainably harvested natural tree rubber. Manufactured in a sustainable factory in Spain.


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